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2023 U.S. Open Beer Championship WINNER

Annual U.S. Open Beer Competition Winner: Smooth Transitions (GOLD)

2022 U.S. Open Beer Championship WINNER

Annual U.S. Open Beer Competition Winners: Nice (Bronze) & Billet (Bronze)

2021 Summer USBTC Winner

USBTC Announces 27th Annual Summer Competition Winners: Knit Ninja, I’m Just Beer, BlapBlap, and Zona.

Phoenix Mag: Best of the Valley

Celebrity Taste Test… Zona Pilsner Wines BEST OF THE VALLEY.

Mesa Tribune

Downtown mesa brewery abuzz with Customers…The brewery is the brainchild of Bryan McCormick, who founded the microbrewery four years ago in Gilbert. McCormick long sought to bring his brewery to the space he owned at 12 West Street.

Phoenix New Times: First Taste

First Taste: 12 West Brewing Co. in Downtown Mesa Is the Business. When a new spot opens in town, we can’t wait to check it out, let you know our initial impressions, share a few photos, and dish about some menu items…

12 West Brewing plans Dec. 31 opening in downtown Mesa. We only have to wait three more weeks for the long-planned 12 West Brewing brewpub at its namesake address in downtown Mesa…

Pulling Corks and Forks

Gilbert’s 12 West Brewing will ring in 2020 in style when it opens its new taproom on New Year’s Eve. Finding 12 West Main Street should be easy as it’s the name and address of the taproom in downtown Mesa….


New brewery opening in downtown Mesa on New Year’s Eve.Their expansion to Mesa comes after years of planning…

Phoenix New Times

New Brewery Review: XII West Brewing in Gilbert.XII West Brewing of Gilbert is no ordinary brewery.

Phoenix New Times: 2019 Best of...

BEST PLACE TO DAY-DRINK. The beauty of 12 West is part beer — an array that can satisfy both the craft newbie and wonk — and part location.

Phoenix New Times

12 West Brewing Drops a Grand Theft Auto-Themed Beer. Weisse City’s creative can art scores an A+.

Coming soon (and also later) to the East Valley: 12 West Brewing.


Craft Beer & Brewing: Radial Spines 98/100

“White-bread malty sweetness balances the hops. Luscious, medium body. Finishes perfectly balanced, inviting the next sip.”

Craft Beer & Brewing: STOP - 87/100

“Lemon citrus, dank and catty, fresh and resinous. Background caramel malt. Flavor shows significant malt sweetness, which complements the musky hops”

Craft Beer & Brewing: Peach Frontside - 92/100

“A melange of floral, citrus, and herbal hops in the off-dry finish. A very present bitterness is slightly tempered by the soft fruity component. Complex and interesting.”

Craft Beer & Brewing: Stratadactyl - 95/100

“Aroma of Juicy Fruit, coconut, pineapple, passionfruit, earthy pine. Well executed. Very enjoyable. Nicely put together.”

Craft Beer & Brewing: Zona - 94/100

“Sweet malt up front but thin, delicate on the palate, with slight lime-pepper hop flavor. Goes crisp and dry. Easy drinking. Nice hop character.”

Craft Beer & Brewing: Super Beaker - 93/100

““Light tropical notes of mango and lemon-lime provide an aromatic greeting….”

Craft Beer & Brewing: Midnight Run 92/100

“Nutty, caramel-forward coffee notes on the nose present intensely with apparent sweetness but the sip doesn’t indulge. Light and nimble, despite the strong coffee and roast.”

Craft Beer & Brewing: Sacrifices - 90/100

“Big chocolate nose, braced by spicy bourbon, raisin. The sip pushes sweeter, amplifying raisin and fig. Vanilla-caramel note lingers deep into the finish.”

Craft Beer & Brewing: Billet 88/100

Fresh, woody hop flavor, with medium-low bitterness that lets malt flavors shine: pleasant bready sweetness, lightly toasted, lingering pleasantly. Smooth and malty.”

Craft Beer & Brewing: Alma - 86/100

“Light and slightly sweet with a soft funk and cantaloupe/honeydew-melon notes. The gentle acidity is well-balanced with the funk and sweetness making for a flavorful (if a touch sweet) sipper.”